Nadia joined the staff in September 2011, she is from the Toronto area originally and received her B.A. and BEd from York University. She also completed her Canadian Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies from St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto. Nadia's experience in the classroom, as a Chaplaincy Leader, and in parish Youth Ministry has continued to develop her love for the Church and Youth. Nadia lives in Kingston with her husband, Mike, and her children, Aaron, Hailey and Ella.

Nadia  is willing and available to help support all youth ministry leaders and their programs.Please call her at the Diocesan Centre, or email the Youth Office for information and or assistance with youth programming, activities and events.


Resources from the Centre for Ministry Development

The Archdiocese of Kingston has a subscription for this website and resources. If you need the login info / password please contact Nadia. Simply enter the titles below into the search and the pdf or doc will appear for you to download.


Starting a New Year of Ministry

Middle School Sessions (Gr. 4-8)

  • Welcome to Middle School Youth Ministry by Jane Angha
  • Welcome to Middle School Youth Ministry (one-day retreat) by Patty Spear
  • Welcome to Middle School Youth Ministry: Your Passport to New Adventures by Patty Spear
  • What I Did on My Summer Vacation by Genni Sayers 

High School Sessions (Gr. 9-12)

  • Celebrating a New Youth Ministry Year by Denise Heinemann York
  • Kick Off the New Year: What do You See? by Sue Versluys
  • W2YM: Welcome to YM by Brenda Cline
  • We Are the Body: Welcoming Teens into the Youth Community and a New Year by Dean Diomedes
  • Welcome to Youth Ministry: A Potluck of Opportunities by Peter Bierer
  • Welcome to YOUR Youth Ministry (retreat) by Susan Searle

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