Resources from the Centre for Ministry Development

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Starting a New Year of Ministry

Middle School Sessions (Gr. 4-8)

  • Welcome to Middle School Youth Ministry by Jane Angha
  • Welcome to Middle School Youth Ministry (one-day retreat) by Patty Spear
  • Welcome to Middle School Youth Ministry: Your Passport to New Adventures by Patty Spear
  • What I Did on My Summer Vacation by Genni Sayers 

High School Sessions (Gr. 9-12)

  • Celebrating a New Youth Ministry Year by Denise Heinemann York
  • Kick Off the New Year: What do You See? by Sue Versluys
  • W2YM: Welcome to YM by Brenda Cline
  • We Are the Body: Welcoming Teens into the Youth Community and a New Year by Dean Diomedes
  • Welcome to Youth Ministry: A Potluck of Opportunities by Peter Bierer
  • Welcome to YOUR Youth Ministry (retreat) by Susan Searle

Celebrating Peace

  • World Religions by Sr. Kieran Sawyer, SSND
  • Living Simply, Living the Abundant Life (retreat) by Ted Miles
  • Peace in My Heart, Relationships and in the World by Susan Searle
  • All for One and All for Youth and Advocacy by Jane Angha

New Evangelization

  • The New Evangelization 101: From The First Evangelization to the New Evangelization by Dr. Josephine Lombardi
  • Making Disciples: New Evangelization & The Modern Parish by Fr. James Mallon
  • Personal Journey Bible NRSV (featuring New Testament and Psalms, includes topical Bible studies that will help teens direct their life by God’s divine compass. Finding Christ in friends, media, family, you and tough times)
  • Why do Catholics…? (Teens respond to Questions about the Faith – helps youth engaging in conversations with others about the faith, ownership & knowledge of the Traditions, practices, and beliefs of the Catholic faith.)

Pope / Conclave Resources

Some resources for you in helping your youth unpack the role of the Pope and how our Pope is elected in the Conclave.

Print Resource

On-Line Resources

Youth-Friendly Websites

Other Resources

Holy Week Resources

Easter Resources

  • - Crafty ideas for Easter
  • Centre For Ministry Access Please contact Nadia for login information- – contains resources for themed youth nights, retreats, prayer services, etc.
  • YOUTH ALPHA PROGRAMS For Youth Alpha Products
  • Youth Ministers Pages on
  • Robert Barron’s Catholicism Series
  • Theology of the Body For Teens (Leader’s Guide & Kit)
  • Youth Works Series
  • In Your Faith DVD Set (Seasons 1 & 2)
  • Catholicism Series (Complete DVD kit, workbook and Leader’s guide)
  • The Ideas Library Series (numerous books on drama skits, ice breakers, discussions, and activities)
  • Renewing The Vision – A Framework for Comprehensive Youth Ministry
  • Leadership for Catholic Youth Ministry

Featured Print Resources Available Through Youth Office

  • YOUCAT – Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church (also available for $20 each)
  • YOUCAT: Youth Prayer Book  (also available for sale $20 each)
  • 100 Things Every Catholic Teen Should Know
  • How Far Can We Go? A Catholic Guide to Sex and Dating By: L. Perrault & B. Salkeld Novalis ISBN 978-2896461233
  • How To Find Your Soul mate Without Losing Your Soul: A Study Guide for Young Women  By: Jason & Chrystalina Evert
  • Savor Your Faith! Light up the World