Rev. James Quirk
Associate Pastor, St. Joseph Parish, Kingston


Rev. Msgr. Joseph Lynch
Pastor, St. Joseph Parish, Kingston

Dear Friends in Christ:

This section addresses those seeking reconciliation with the Church following a civil divorce and remarriage "outside the Church," or those who wish to have their status clarified after a civil divorce. The Catholic Church upholds the dignity, sacredness and permanence of marriage. While the teaching of the Church on the indissolubility of a valid and sacramental marriage is constant and will not change, the ministry of the Church must nonetheless respond to those life situations in which the grace and peace of the Lord are needed most. Christ the Lord calls upon the community of believers, the Church, to be a community of healing and reconciliation. The legal procedures of the Church and their application are based on the principles that our faith community cares about those who have experienced marital failure and that we wish to reconcile, in a public way, those who wish to experience wholeness after the failure of marriage. This section has been prepared to acquaint you with the position of the Catholic Church on common questions concerning Christian marriage, marital separation, divorce and nullity of marriage. Should you have any further questions or matters requiring clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the Catholic Marriage Tribunal.

(forms are to be completed, signed, sealed, and submitted by the Priest or Deacon).

Annulment Paperwork:


Pauline Privilege Case 

Petrine Privilege Case 

Ligamen Case

Lack of Canonical Form: 

Catholic Petitioner 

Non-Catholic Petitioner