Sr. Lucy Kearney, SP, is a graduate from Athens District High School, Toronto Teachers College and Ottawa University. She has provided in-service and updating for school related subjects and participated in Religion Courses and Renewal Programs at University of Ottawa, Retreats International, Notre Dame, Indiana, Manresa, Pickering, ON, St. F.X. University, Nova Scotia. Sr. Lucy taught for 35 years including all grades from kindergarten through grade 10 within the Archdiocese and Brantford. She has been active in Archdiocesan and parish activities such as Diocesan Liturgical Commission, Western Commission of the Diocesan Pastoral Council, Parish Councils and C.W.L. and Congregational Committees

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Marriage Encounter

If you would like to improve your marriage, deepen your love, live more happily together, and draw closer to each other, the Marriage Encounter program can help.  Marriage Encounter is an experience which focusses on communication between husband and wife. It is an opportunity to spend a weekend together away from the distractions and the tensions of everyday life and to concentrate on each other as a couple.  The next Marriage Encounter weekend will be held in Ottawa from January 20-22.  To register, please call Sally and Wayne Fink at 613-777-0262, or e-mail  Information about Marriage Encounter can be found at

Parenting Tip
Lent is the perfect time to focus on our faith journey. HHH elp your children look beyond giving something up, to the deeper meaning of Lent. Remind them that Lent is about looking forward to Christ’s Resurrection, which opens us to the joy of eternity. During Lent help your children reflect on what Christ’s coming meant for us - he taught us how to live good and holy lives; he showed us what it means to be faithful to a promise; he gave us the gift of Salvation and the hope of eternity; he reminded us that God has a plan for each of us. Pray together, attend the Stations of the Cross; read the Bible, commit to fasting as a family (perhaps from arguing with siblings, or speaking back to parents), give alms as a family unit. When you take your task of helping your children understand Lent and its purpose to heart, everyone benefits!

Marriage Tip
Observing Lent as a couple is an excellent way to deepen both your spiritual and marital bond. Talk about each of your Lenten resolutions and then assist each other to achieve it. Challenge each other to keep to your resolve, pray for each other on your 40 day journey, and take up activities as a couple that will deepen your faith. Take the three Lenten practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving into your relationship and journey the path together. Consider 40 acts of kindness toward each other for the 40 days of Lent. When you focus on achieving goals together, it strengthens your relationship bond as a couple and with God – a win-win Lenten season.